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Juvenile Court Reckless Driving Lawyer

Nichols & Green pllc handles Juvenile Court reckless driving cases

At Nichols & Green, we defend hundreds of reckless driving cases each year. Our lawyers eat and breathe reckless driving defense.

Juvenile Court reckless driving lawyer

When you need a Juvenile Court reckless driving lawyer, call (703) 383-9222 and get a free copy of The Virginia Reckless Driving Handbook and a free consultation.

Attorney Luke Nichols has studied extensively the technical and legal issues involved in a reckless driving case. Mr. Nichols is the author of “The Virginia Reckless Driving Handbook”. Mr. Nichols has been trained in police Radar, LiDAR and speed enforcement according to the NHTSA standards.

Attorney Garrett Green has been practicing law in Northern Virginia for over 25 years. Mr. Green defends more reckless driving cases than anyone else in the law firm and he has years of experience defending minors accused of reckless driving in Juvenile Court.

If your son or daughter is accused of reckless driving, call Nichols & Green pllc for a free consultation. Our juvenile court reckless driving lawyers would be happy to share our expertise and experience with you. Call (703) 383-9222 to schedule a free consultation.

Free consultation with a Juvenile Court reckless driving lawyer

Nichols & Green pllc offers free consultations to anyone charged with reckless driving. During your free consultation we can discuss the specifics of your child’s reckless driving case. Our reckless driving attorneys will be happy to explain to you the possible outcomes of your case, what defenses you may have and what we would do to represent you.

As part of your free consultation we can discuss:

  • The most likely outcomes of your reckless driving case
  • What strategies we will use to defend you
  • The exact cost of our legal fees, and
  • What actions you or your child can take to prepare for your case

At the end of your free consultation you will be given a contract with the exact legal fees for your case and a letter explaining what steps you should take to prepared for the reckless driving trial.

After the free consultation, anyone who wishes to hire Nichols & Green pllc for their juvenile court reckless driving case can do so by signing our contract and arranging an approved payment plan.

Do I need a reckless driving lawyer in Juvenile Court?

Juvenile court reckless driving attorney

Call juvenile court reckless driving attorneys Luke Nichols and Garrett Green for a free consultation (703) 383-9222.

If your son or daughter has a reckless driving charge in juvenile court it makes a lot of sense to hire a reckless driving attorney. Reckless driving is a criminal offense in Virginia. Being convicted of a criminal offense means that the juvenile will have a juvenile criminal record.

Juvenile reckless driving convictions in Virginia are sealed when the defendant is more than 19 years old and five years have passed since the conviction. Prior to that only certain agencies have access to the court records. Juvenile and Domestic Relation Court (JDR Court) is not a public court.

However, even if a juvenile record or a reckless driving conviction is sealed it does not undo the conviction. If a job application or security clearance application asks a person whether they have ever been convicted of a crime the applicant still has to answer “yes” even if the records were sealed.

DMV Driver’s License Suspension for Juveniles

Juvenile court traffic matters can be particularly serious because any conviction for a moving violation by a juvenile can result in automatic DMV probation. A second moving violation while a juvenile can result in a DMV suspend of the driver’s license.

Adult Defendant Juvenile Court Reckless Driving Cases

The vast majority of juvenile court reckless driving cases involve minors. However, Juvenile and Domestic Relations court (JDR) also handles cases where the victim of the crime is a family or household member.

Occasionally, we represent adults in JDR court who are accused of reckless driving. Typically these cases involve an ex-spouse or soon-to-be ex-spouse accusing the other spouse of reckless driving. These cases usually take the form of a citizen’s complaint. Citizen complaints are when a citizen go to magistrate directly to get an arrest warrant rather than a police officer doing it. Citizen complaints are typically nasty trials that involve lots of mudslinging and wild accusations.

If you have a reckless driving case in juvenile court, call Nichols & Green pllc to get a free consultation from our lawyers today. Cal (703) 383-9222.

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