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Case Results

Facing a DUI charge can be a daunting and stressful experience. Recently, I had the privilege of assisting a client through this challenging journey, and I am proud to share the success. In this particular case, my client was facing a DWI 1st offense charge with a one-year suspension for refusing a breathalyzer test. With diligent case preparation and exploring all possible defense strategies. My goal was to provide the support needed for the preparation period and trial. A significant reduction in the charge was achieved from a DWI to a Misdemeanor- Reckless driving charge. The original penalty of a $500 fine was reduced to $250, and the one-year license suspension was reduced to a 30-day suspended license, followed by the ability to petition for restricted privileges for the subsequent 11 months. Additionally, my client received a 12-month unsupervised probation, with interlock installation for one month, followed by 11 months of no probation license with interlock installation. The result was far better than my client had imagined, and I am extremely satisfied with the outcome.This case highlights the importance of having an experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated attorney by your side when facing serious charges. If you find yourself in need of legal representation for a traffic violation or DUI charge, I am here to help. 

Garrett D. Green (07/08/2024)

Recently, I had the pleasure of assisting a family in navigating a complex legal situation involving a Reckless Driving, Operating w/ Improper Brakes, and other Misc charges. However, a first-degree misdemeanor, following an accident is a tough case. It’s essential to understand the gravity of a reckless driving charge in Virginia, and I always aim to tell my clients any knowledge I have. My experience with the Northern Virginia traffic courts, coupled with meticulous case preparation, culminated in a successful plea at the infraction level for this case.Using a collaborative approach, I ensured my clients were well-prepared and informed at every stage. We discussed various ways to mount an effective defense, tailored to the specifics of the case. This case underscores the importance of having an experienced and engaged defense attorney.

Garrett D. Green (07/01/2024)

Virginia State troopers are often incredulous that clients claim they had no idea they were being pulled over when they drive over 2 miles while being followed with lights and sirens activated at speed approaching 100 miles an hour. Also, having a charge not only for reckless driving, but eluding as well can make obtaining complete decriminalization of all charges difficult, but not impossible. It is ultimately on the trier fact to determine whether certain criminal activity was done knowingly and intentionally, but it can go a long way to achieving the objective of no criminal convictions. If the prosecutor can be convinced not to go forward on the charge in the first place. Careful preparation for trial and efforts made in mitigation are the keys to success. Reckless driving was reduced to improper driving, and the eluding charge was dropped completely.

Garrett D. Green (03/08/2024)

It is always scary being charged with a criminal offense, which is what my client was facing- Reckless Driving, a Class 1 misdemeanor, and one of the most serious charges in Virginia. What was worse is that my client was on a work assignment out of state and was accused of going 92 mph in a 55 mph zone. This client happened to find a video produced by our firm that we did on reckless driving in VA on YouTube, which led him to contact us. It was pivotal for my client to get the charge reduced, and after guiding my client through the process, the outcome was reduced to a speeding charge with only a $250 fine. Going above 80 mph in Virginia often results in a restricted license for anywhere from to 30 to 180 days, and going over 90mph may result in a day in jail for every mile per hour over 90. It’s safe to say that the outcome does not always equal the circumstance.

Garrett D. Green (03/01/2024)

It is typically not a good sign when the first words my client says to the Trooper who stopped him are “I guess you already know this is not my first time getting pulled over.” My client already had a double digit driver point balance, and was accused of going triple digit fast. He was charged with Aggressive Driving with Intent to Injure, and was facing the very real possibility of active jail time and loss of license, not to mention fines and a criminal conviction. But through a combination of his efforts to produce factors in mitigation and relentlessly persistent plea negotiation on his behalf, he ultimately will only be convicted of the infraction of improper driving if he can remain of general good behavior for a few months. This young man had been repeatedly told by multiple other attorneys that he would be criminally convicted at a minimum, and that the best possible outcome was minimal jail time and some loss of license. Never accept that a bad outcome is inevitable regardless of the underlying facts and circumstances surrounding your case.

Garrett D. Green (02/17/2024)