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Domestic Violence and Assault Defense Lawyer

More innocent people are arrested for domestic assault and battery than any other crime. When a person dials 911 and reports domestic violence, officers usually make an arrest. Even if a dispute is already resolved by the time police arrive, and even if the person who made the call recants, someone will generally be arrested.

If, for example, you pushed your spouse during an argument, you may find yourself facing misdemeanor or felony charges and the possibility of a criminal record that can affect your career and other areas of your life. Even if you are not convicted, a domestic violence charge can cause serious problems for you, including:

  • Immigration problems: Implications for non-citizens can be serious. Domestic violence is considered a “crime of moral turpitude,” a potentially deportable offense for U.S. residents who are not citizens.
  • Firearm ownership problems: You can lose the right to own a firearm just by being charged.
  • Security clearance problems: Your security clearance can be impacted by domestic violence charges.
  • Protective Orders: Being arrested or convicted of domestic assault typically results in a protective order. This means that you are not allowed to talk, text, e-mail or see the “victim” of the case. Even if your spouse or partner wants to contact you, it is illegal to have any contact with him or her while the protective order is in place.

Protect Yourself From Becoming Another Statistic

At Nichols & Green PLLC, our criminal defense attorneys have been dealing with domestic assault and battery cases in Fairfax County and elsewhere in northern Virginia for many years. Let our lawyers help protect you from becoming another statistic. Domestic assault cases are some of the hardest cases to prosecute. Never assume you will be found guilty. We have years of experience, cross-examining witnesses and going to trial.

Contact a Prince William County Domestic Assault and Battery Attorney

Contact the Fairfax domestic violence defense attorneys of Nichols & Green PLLC for a free, confidential consultation about your situation. We will listen to your side of the story, answer your questions and explain your legal rights and options.

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