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Additional Testimonials

“I was very pleased with the service I received from Luke. When you are working with an attorney, it is normally not for a good situation. Luke stood with me four times in court, was never late, kept me up on the proceedings, and let me chose what path I wanted to go while counseling me on the plusses and minuses. I have recommended him to friends and will continue to do so. On a scale of one to ten Luke and his staff would most certainly be a ten.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
– Bill,

 “Luke was a joy to work with. He told me what to expect, And he was right on the money. He is a great lawyer, and just a great guy. I would recommend Luke to anyone.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value
– Otto,

 “Luke is a hard worker and has a strong desire to help those around him. His enthusiasm for life shows in all things that I have seen him do. He is very creative and comes up with solutions when needed while always showing a strong moral character. I have been very impressed with Luke and I know that he will work hard to serve you.”
– Doug

 “Talk with Luke about reckless driving defense and you will be blown away by his depth of knowledge and his command of the complex intricacies of this thorny issue. Even more impressive to me, however, are his gifts of character: his friendliness, dedication, ingenuity, charisma, honesty, sense of humor, and love of people. I’ve known Luke for more than three years and give him the highest recommendation.”
– Dave

 “Luke Nichols is excellent as a person, stellar as an attorney. Anyone who needs an attorney for any reason should contact Luke as he will either provide expert legal services, or will likely be able to connect you with someone who can if it is not in his purview.
Ten on the scale.Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative”

– Rob

 “I know Luke personally, and he also helped me with a legal matter out in Front Royal Virginia. I know he brings energy and focus to all his endeavors, and he did a great job for me.”
– Levi

 “Luke is a creative, highly motivated person and a hard worker. He has personal integrity and completes tasks and assignments. I think the world of Luke.”
– Stan

 “Luke pursues his law practice the same way he pursues his fishing. He will learn everything there is to know about it, figure out a way to do it better than anyone else, practice and practice until he’s catching fish like nobody else. Whether its fishing or the law, with Luke you get the best.”
– Andrew

“Luke Nichols is a man of outstanding character. He is willing to go the extra mile to look out for the best interests of others and is exceptionally innovative and capable. He is gifted in his ability to find answers to every problem and often knows the answer to a question before you ask him. Luke is extremely intellectual, while at the same time very personable. I give him my highest recommendation.”
– Joe

“Luke is an expert in traffic matters, practicing in a wide-variety of jurisdictions in Northern Virginia. I’m always impressed with his positive attitude, friendly disposition, and ethical practice of law. He does the best for his clients and is always willing to offer a helpful hand or ear.” October 24, 2011
– Frank

“Hola a todos…
Me gustaria expresar mis mas infinitos agradecimientos primeramente
a Dios y mi abogado Luke NIchols,quien estubo a mi lado representandome legalmente, como todo ser humanos cometemos errores y necesitamos de personas como Luke Nichols.
Despues de una buscada minusiosa y visitar como 5 diferentes abogados me di cuenta que Luke,seria la mejor representacion que tendria,por su profundo conocimiento,accesible,creativo y sobre todos sus precios muy razonables durante el proseso retorno todos mis e-mails llamadas telefonicas aun hasta llamadas a su cellular estoy muy agradecido y se los recomiendo de todo corazon que hara lo esta en sus manos e ideas dentro del marco de la ley por un mejor resultado en corte…muchisimas gracias mr Luke Nichols…de parte de su cliente Carlos Ferman..”
– Carlos

“I Alberto, recommend Luke Nichols as an expert in his profession. I used His services twice with good results, very effective, moderated price, also great personality. If you need an excellent lawyer, Luke Nichols is your man.”
– Alberto

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